About Judith Doctor

Judith Doctor (MSW, RN) leads seminars, workshops and retreats for spiritual growth, inner healing and wholeness in the United States and Europe. She also offers spiritual life  mentoring, inner healing ministry, and Christian dream counseling via appointment.

Judith integrates her professional knowledge with her spiritual gifts, calling and anointing to facilitate redemptive and restorative experiences through the Holy Spirit. Combining a wealth of practical experiences, knowledge of the Bible and insights from over forty years of adventuring with God, she helps others become more spiritually alive and free, fulfilling their God-given destiny.

The voice of personal experience

Judith’s life is marked by numerous encounters with the living God. She knows firsthand a loving God who brought resurrection life through the crises of her life—death of a child from leukemia, battle-worn marriage, and deep inside her troubled soul. Transformed from a frightened young mother into a seasoned spiritual woman, she carries a confident authority to help others leave their grave clothes behind and embrace life more fully.

A light in the midst of darkness

Responding to the call of God in 1985, Judith has ministered to people from all walks of life in the USA, Western Europe, and Romania. Her journeys have taken her into convents, clinics, orphanages, residential institutions, factories and hospitals, as well as churches, Bible schools and retreat centers. Since 2002 Judith has inspired listeners on her monthly radio program transmitted live from her home in the USA via telephone connection to the studio in Germany.

A pioneer by nature, Judith has learned to live in vision and see it come into reality. Her stories of the transformative power of God and how she has been led by the Holy Spirit have inspired many. As God’s healing ambassador, Judith has listened to countless stories of the sorrow and pain carried in the hearts of people. She has seen the power of God’s love at work, restoring hope, strengthening faith and healing broken hearts.

Spiritual dimension in helping professions

Recognizing the need for the spiritual dimension in the helping professions, Judith did additional studies on health care treatment models and medicine of the whole person—body, soul, spirit at the Hochgrat Klinik (Germany) in 1991. As hospitant, she gained specialized experience in therapeutic community, family milieu, emotional-bonding, the twelve-step model and the spiritual component of treatment. Her article about the clinic’s therapeutic concept was published in The Journal of Christian Healing (1992).

In August, 2005, Judith received her Master of Social Work degree. An emphasis of her studies was the treating the whole person, depth psychology, and the integration of Christian spirituality and interventions into the treatment process. Articles from her unpublished work Resource Manual of Spiritual Interventions (2005) can be downloaded from the Professional Papers page. She also has published in Asociaţia De Nursing Din România Journal. Recently, she published “I Forgive You: How Heart-Based Forgiveness Sets You Free.”

She has addressed a number of health care groups, including Parish Nurses; Institute for Christian Counseling & Therapy; Hochgrat Klinik; Förderkreis Association for Medicine of the Whole Person; Clinica Pro Vita; Ratiu Leukemia Foundation; Hope Haven Portal Sperantei; Asociaţia De Nursing Din România; Centru De Sprijin Familial; and Grand Valley State University Continuing Education Course for Social Workers.

Dreams offer way to hear God

For many years, Judith has listened to her dreams and discovered God’s personal counsel, guidance, and instruction in them. Believing that dreams come straight from the heart of God, she coauthored two books on dreams from a Judeo-Christian perspective.

Personal Background

A commercial fisherman’s daughter, Judith grew up in Muskegon, Michigan. Married for more than fifty-five years, she and her husband Gerald have two sons and daughters-in-law and four grandchildren. Since 1978,they have been part of The New Life, Inc., an interdenominational  ministry wide-spread community of both Catholics and Protestants. They reside in Arcadia, Florida and belong to a New Life home church fellowship.

Educational Background

Judith graduated from Hackley Hospital School of Nursing (1960). She has a Bachelor of Science in Community Development degree from Central Michigan University (1994). In 2005 she earned a Master of Social Work degree from Grand Valley State University.