Blood of Jesus Heals Tormenting Pictures

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Blood of Jesus Heals Tormenting Pictures

Traumas often leave negative pictures in our minds, often tormenting us for many years. Perhaps the neurons of the brain get stuck at the point of shock, and our brains won’t let us move on. Or perhaps a demonic spirit fastened itself to us in the moment of the trauma. Either way, Jesus Christ offers us His blood as a way to heal these pictures.

Chalice of blood frees me

Years ago I experienced the power of the blood of Jesus in a dramatic way. After discovering some porn pictures under a bed, I couldn’t erase them from my mind. I went to Jesus and told Him how these pictures were disturbing me. As I prayed, I saw a chalice of blood being poured down upon the pictures. As the blood spread out across them, it formed the shape of a cross. I was freed!

“Go, take My blood”

A friend in northern Germany felt God wanted her to go to Poland, where she had seen horrific wrongs as a 12-year-old child living in a camp following WWII. But the vivid memories of seeing blood in the streets were too painful for her to return. She went to Jesus, shared her pain with Him, and heard the Lord say to her, “Go and take My blood with you. My blood is enough for the wrongs you saw there.” She was freed to obey God, and as a result she became a healing vessel for people in that city.

The healing occurred, because we went to Jesus, acknowledged our pain, and asked Him to free us from out tormenting pictures―and it was the blood of the cross that healed our tormenting memories.

Reflection: Do you suffer from tormenting memories?

Then go to Jesus and show them to Him. Admit you’re powerless to heal them, and ask for his healing grace to come in whatever way He chooses.

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