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CHRISTIAN DREAMWORK: 33 Ways To Discover Divine Treasure In Dreams

Practical Handbook

This practical handbook describes how to listen to God’s voice in dreams and benefit from His wise counsel in them. It offers numerous ways to approach dreams and discover their hidden treasure.

We like the idea of dreamwork, instead of dream interpretation, because it empowers you to relate to your own dreams and draw out their inner meaning. We emphasize the importance of relying upon the Holy Spirit. As a spiritual practice, dreamwork can take on a sacredness, facilitating a closer relationship with God.

This book explains the fundamental skills, strategies and techniques of Christian dreamwork. We include non-interpretive methods such as dream re-entry and listening prayer. One chapter offers strategies to resolve troubling dreams and nightmares.

We show you how to use dream processing questions to draw out the information already visible in a dream and relate it to events in your everyday life. You see more clearly the connection between your heart and outer life choices.

Everyone has their own dream “language”—the meaning of a particular symbol differs from person to person. We take you through the steps of exploring a dream symbol and discovering what it means to you in your inner world.

You can learn a lot through the experiences of others. So we enriched the book with many dream stories—from the Bible, Church Fathers, dreamers though the centuries, and, of course, our own.

We include a special section for people who want to help others benefit from their dreams—counselors, life coaches, spiritual directors, clergy, health care professionals, social workers, addiction treatment and mental health practitioners.

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DREAM TREASURE: Learning the Language of Heaven

Comprehensive Manual

This comprehensive book provides an in-depth understanding of dreams from a Christian perspective. Using a spiritual worldview, it presents dreams as a way to hear God’s voice and establishes a Christian basis for listening to dreams.

The practice of paying attention to dreams is grounded firmly in the Bible, beliefs of the early Church Fathers, traditional Christian worldview, contemporary research findings, and the evidence of dreamers through the ages.

Dream Treasure shows simply and clearly how night-time dreams can benefit ordinary people. As St. Peter affirmed at Pentecost, the outpouring of the Spirit would touch everyone, from young to old, from sanitary workers to CEOs. Once relegated exclusively to the domain of professionals, here the dream is restored to its rightful place in the lives of Christians—a place to listen for God’s voice and receive His words for each of us.

Much more than just predictors of the future, dreams are a means to receive God’s transforming grace. Using illustrative dream experiences spanning four decades, we document the profound influence of dreams upon every dimension of our lives.

Dream Treasure presents scriptural principles to help you navigate the world of dreaming, including how to test the validity of a dream interpretation. We identify and illustrate the biblical purposes of dreams and common categories of dreams. In a brief review of church history on dreams, we offer reasons why dreams disappeared from the radar screen in the Christian community over two hundred years ago.

Jesus Christ often delivered His messages using parables, allegories and metaphors. The book provides an in-depth understanding of this imaginative, pictorial language of symbolism to help you appreciate the messages in your dreams. Since God often communicated sacred truths in the Bible using this heavenly language, we can trust the Holy Spirit to tutor us as we learn it today.

We have enriched our book by including special features such as interactive and applied learning sections. Armed with the cardinal rules of dreamwork, you can follow our step-by-step guide to discover what your dream symbols mean to you in your own inner world.

Dream Treasure provides a framework for 21st century believers to safely embrace dreams. Our book can be used for personal study, in small groups, and as a text or reference in Christian higher learning centers. In addition to citations for authors from a broad perspective of Christian faith traditions, copious end notes include works by sleep researchers, dream therapists, and articles from professional journals.

This book is a gold mine for people who want something more in their Christian experience. Since a dream may offer divine counsel, guidance, and instruction, it also is a great resource for spiritual directors, counselors, and clergy.

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