Dream Sharing & Interpretation Group

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Dream Sharing & Interpretation Group


I’ve just opened a dream sharing & interpretation group on Facebook. If you are interested in understanding dreams from a Christian perspective and would like to join our group, let me know. This is something I’ve talked about doing for several years and now I’ve finally done it. Jerry and I pray that some of you will discover another way that you can hear from God.

About the group

This group offers a forum for people who want to explore the meaning of their dreams from a Christian perspective. Our goal is to help God’s people value their dreams and learn how to unearth the hidden treasure they contain.

Although I won’t interpret dreams for you, I will moderate the group, providing input, comments, suggestions, & ideas on your dreams. You will learn both interpretative & non-interpretative ways to interact with your dreams that will help you understand what God is trying to show you through them.

Dream sharing and feedback guidelines

As a member, you agree to receive feedback from other group members. And you agree to follow the dream sharing & feedback guidelines.

Here are 3 suggestions for how to share your dreams

  1. Write out your dream, including as many details as you can: place, buildings, people (ages?), clothing, animals, objects, emotional feeling, weather, time of year, etc.
  2. Identify any relationship you have with people or places in the dream, historical or current.
  3. If you are comfortable, briefly note what was on your mind or heart a day or so before the dream: current concerns, heart issues, events & situations, prayers. Also consider any emotional residual that you might have gone to bed with.

Here are 5 questions to help you give feedback to others

  1. What area of their life do you think the dream is about?
  2. What do you see in their dream?
  3. If this were your dream, what might it be trying to show you?
  4. What insights, associations, do to you have about the images or figures in their dream?
  5. What do you think God is trying to show them, make them aware of?

Note: Please avoid using assertive statements. Express your ideas & associations in a tentative way: for example, “Might that red car symbolize anger?”

My dream

Here is how I posted my dream in our new dream sharing group.

I dreamed I was producing some event, perhaps for TV. On the stage there were a group of people who have all hit bottom sitting together. Another group was standing & I think they were a choir. The theme of the event had something to do with beginning again or how to begin again. If I had to guess I think the standing group were people who had already began again & were there to tell their stories or to sing about what they had done.

My current concerns & prayers had something to do with “God what are you asking of me. What do you want me to do?”

My creds

For many years I’ve benefited from my own dreams and helped others with theirs; led seminars, classes, and retreats on dreams in the USA and Europe; taught continuing ed course on dreams at Grand Valley State for social workers, and adult ed course on dreams at Calvin College. I’ve also published two books on dreams.

Note: A closed group means that anyone can see who the members are, but only the members can see what is posted.


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