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The Doctors

Dreams began in the very heart of God. The spiritual discipline of dreamwork is grounded firmly in the Bible, writings of the Church Fathers, Christian worldview, modern research findings and supported by the testimony of dreamers through the centuries.

The Scriptures say that in the last days God will pour out His Spirit, and people will hear from God through prophecies, visions and dreams. People are dreaming valuable dreams, but inside the walls of the church nobody’s talking about them. Why are we afraid to go there?

We need to hear God’s voice

Today, more than ever, we need to hear God’s voice speaking clearly to us. Jesus said that the person who hears the words from God and does what he says will be like a house standing firm on a rock (Mt 7:24, Lu 6:48). We in the Church desperately need to receive God’s wisdom and knowledge, so we do not disintegrate in the face of storms.

Dreams are one way that God makes his words known to us. There is evidence that dreams help us on every level of our lives—spiritual growth, personal wholeness, work, ministry, and our relationships with God, others and ourselves. They can enlarge our vision and point us in the direction of God’s purpose for our lives—if we take the time to learn the language of dreams.

Most dreams communicate their messages through symbols and images, similar to how Jesus communicated in the Gospels. His truths are hidden, so they can be received in the heart, not only the intellect. If we learn how to respond to the word pictures in our dreams and draw out their inner meaning, we can begin to understand what God is trying to say through them.

A key goal of our Dreams Initiative is to help God’s people wake up and listen for his voice in their dreams. We offer a variety of programs & resource materials to help you benefit from God’s his wise counsel, guidance, and instruction contained in your dreams.

  • Lectures, Seminars, Workshops
  • Continuing Education Course On Dreams for Helping Professionals
  • Free materials on dreams (Dream Resources)
  • Comprehensive resource book: DREAM TREASURE: Learning the Language of Heaven.
  • Practical handbook CHRISTIAN DREAMWORK: 33 Ways to Discover Divine Treasure in Dreams.

To schedule a course, seminar or workshop on dreams for your church or group, please contact me by telephone or email (contact me).

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About Gerald & Judith Doctor

Seasoned spiritual adventurers, Gerald and Judith Doctor have enjoyed four decades of benefiting from their dreams. Co-founders of Kairos Ministries, Inc. (www.kairosministries.us), the Doctors have ministered both in the USA and Europe, helping people find spiritual life and wholeness through Jesus Christ. Judith (MSW, RN), a holistic educator and spiritual mentor, recognizes the value of dreams in helping people in their journey to wholeness hear from God (see Professional Bio). Gerald (MSEE), having successfully navigated the long passage from head to heart, knows the value of dreams to assist the journey.