Dreams Provide Us Divine Counsel

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Dreams Provide Us Divine Counsel

Early in our spiritual journey my husband, Jerry, and I discovered that the dream is not merely a meaningless response to sense stimuli during sleep. From a biblical standpoint, the dream presents a way for God to speak directly to His people while they slumber in their beds. One type of message God uses the dream for is to give us divine counsel.

According to Psalms 16:7, we can expect to receive wise counsel, even during the wee hours when our brain is not conscious. During sleep the mind may be turned off, but the spirit is still active, listening as the Creator offers us guidance and direction. With God’s help we can receive from these dreams God’s wisdom and knowledge for our life problems, issues, and decisions.

I will bless the Lord who has counseled me; Indeed, my mind instructs me in the night (Ps. 16:7).

Reverend Herman Riffel discovered in his personal life that the dream is an invaluable counselor: “It is with us every night and charges no fee…there is no better way to get to the heart of a person’s problems than through the dream.”

  • Jacob received counsel in his relationship with Laban via a dream, telling him what to do with the flock (Gen. 31:10-29).
  • Joseph dreams of an angel telling him to not be afraid to take Mary as his wife, even though she is with child. The angel tells him that Mary’s conception was by the Holy Spirit (Mt. 1:20).

Problem-solving dreams

An example of a dream offering divine counsel is one providing specific help in solving a problem. Solutions for scientific problems have sometimes been revealed through a dream. When a dream presents us with a problem, the solution is often rooted right in the dream itself.

Although the meaning may be shrouded in the symbols and metaphors, the dream’s wise counsel is there to for us to receive if we pay attention to it. For example:

19th century dream— Friedrich von Kekulé

Friedrich A. Kekulé (1829-1896), whose discoveries revolutionized organic chemistry, is perhaps best known for his dream of snakes holding their tails that led to the solution of the structure of the benzene ring. His most important single contribution, however, was his structural theory of organic composition which also came in part from a dream.

He describes “atoms gamboling before my eyes,” observing how smaller atoms united to form pairs, larger atoms embraced the smaller ones, making chains of atoms, all involved in a “giddy dance.” Awakening from his dream, Kekulé sketched on paper these dream forms he had seen. In a speech given at the Deutsche Chemische Gesellschaft in 1890, he described his dream. Excited by his discovery, Kekulé said to his colleagues, “Let us learn to dream!”

Give me something from your purse

Some years ago a prestigious Christian woman became offended with me and was speaking negatively about me to others. I asked the Lord how He wanted me to respond. Then I dreamed:

I am in a Christian meeting, and the offering is being taken. A voice says to me, “Give me something from your purse.” I look in my purse and find a needle and thread and a magnifying glass. I put them in the offering basket.

What is the function of a needle and thread? A magnifying glass? The solution to my problem: don’t try to mend the relationship and don’t start a fire by by focusing on it.

Recent problem-solving dreams

Jerry and I both received very helpful dreams this weekend. We’ve posted them on our fb Christian Dream Sharing and Feedback group so you can see more clearly on how God uses dreams to help us solve very real life problems.

Check them out & give us your feedback by joining our group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ChristianDreamSharing/

Questions help us reflect on biblical purpose of our dream:

  • “God, what are you trying to say to me through this dream?”
  • Why did this particular dream come to me just now?
  • What primary life issue might my dream drama be related to?
  • Which of the divine purposes might my dream best fit into?
  • Have you dreamed this same theme or motif before?

The dream is the voice of God speaking to us in the night while our conscious mind is stilled Rev. Herman Riffel

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