Five Popular Movements Robbing Us

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Five Popular Movements Robbing Us

Do you know that we are being robbed through popularly accepted movements? These five movements have become deeply entrenched in our culture, influencing our attitudes, behaviors and habits, values, and ways of thinking, without our being really aware of them.

1. Political Correctness

Our society either condones or disapproves of certain language because of its perceived effect on certain classes of people. For example, gay is politically correct, but sexually deviant is not. We must say pro-life advocates instead of abortion opponents. This movement accepts other worldviews as being politically correct, but rejects our Christian views as being politically incorrect. Christianity is increasingly met with open hostility, robbing us of our freedom to express our honest opinions.

2. Utopianism

Utopianism propagates the idea that we can be educated and controlled to do only good. Claiming capitalism has failed to improve our mental health, its proponents justify deciding what kind of settings are needed for our psychological well-being—just like socialism. They want to undermine and destroy the home and church.

3. Multiculturalism

While studying for a Master’s degree in social work, I was steeped in multiculturalism. This entrenched movement emphasizes the distinctiveness and value of other cultures, while denigrating our own American story and heroes. In attitudes and words, they disrespect and belittle our National heritage, our legacy of faith in a Creator.

Since the 1970s, its proponents have been rewriting our text books.They are robbing our people from learning about our unique heroic beginnings and values. (David Hackett Fischer, Paul Revere’s Ride)

4. Post-Modern Constructivism

Our universities are teaching that there is no such thing as absolute truth. Through post-modern constructivism in our educational system, our young people are being robbed of a moral standard to help them navigate life. Its proponents are working to rob young students of any religious faith. This movement wants to destroy any consistent, externally-sanctioned set of standards and values traditionally prescribed by society and religion. Perhaps this explains the rapid rise in anxiety and other neurotic disorders in our Western culture.

5. Environmental Movement

A radical segment in this movement sees us as having no more value than other entities. Indeed, they regard the environment, nature, and animals as more important than human beings. What a contrast to the Christian view that only the human being is made in the image of God, not the animal.

“The majority of people are suggestible, half-awake children, willing to surrender their will to anyone who speaks with a voice that is threatening or sweet enough to sway them” (Erich Fromm, The Heart of Man).

What must we do? Do we continually want to hand over our freedom that God gave us? Jesus tells us to Wake Up. The poet Andrei Codrescu wrote to his Romanian people “The first thing in becoming a free people is to speak freely without fear. If you do not know how to speak freely then you are not free yet. When we are protected so long from honest opinion, we live fully in our own delusions.” (The Hole in the Flag)

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