Forgiveness Book

I Forgive You: How Heart-Based Forgiveness Sets You Free


Living in an age of hatred and revenge, we can avoid the high cost of unforgiveness if we do what Jesus said: forgive from our heart. I Forgive You offers an in-depth look at forgiveness.

First it lays out the biblical basis of forgiving from your heart and clarifies what forgiveness is and is not. It also explains why we refuse to forgive, enabling you to move beyond your pain and follow the pathway to forgiveness.

Providing an understanding of how the blood of Jesus enables us to forgive even our worst offenders is one of the most important contributions of this book.

Numerous studies prove the healing power of forgiveness. The book describes a 12-step process that leads to heart-based forgiveness, allowing God to lift the heavy burden of carrying grudges.

Forgiving our offenders leads to better relationships, healing of painful memories, stronger immune system, and freedom to move forward in life.

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