Turn Quickly to the Lord

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Turn Quickly to the Lord

The path of life requires that we do what Jesus says, to seek (continually) for the kingdom of God. Here are some thoughts from a spiritual father,  Ralph Nault. He offers some practical suggestions on how we can stay in the peace and joy of the Lord, even though there are spiritual battles waging war around us.

Spiritual warfare

We all go through various trials which might be better labeled spiritual warfare. Most of these wars are right within us; they take place in our mind and emotions, and cause us to lose our peace and joy.

We lose these valuable things, because we have allowed ourselves to be drawn outside the kingdom of God by the spiritual battles waging war within us and around us—in the world, in our homes, and even in our churches. We try to regain the peace and joy, but we don’t look in the right place for it. If we want to regain our peace and joy we must re-enter the kingdom of God right within us. St. Paul describes the kingdom of God as peace, joy, righteousness and the fullness of the Holy Spirit; it is internal, not external.

Nor will they say, ‘Look, here it is’ or ‘There it is!’ For behold the kingdom of God is in your midst (meaning “within you”) (John 17:21).

It must be quite obvious to all of us that we are not always in the kingdom of God, even though the kingdom of God is in us. Some time along our spiritual journey we should begin to recognize immediately when we have left the kingdomjoy peace of God and quickly make an effort to enter back in.

We must learn to control our thought life; if we do not, confusion and worry will rob us of all peace and joy.  Also we must learn to control our emotions and not allow fear, hatred or bitterness to gain a stronghold within us.

Turn quickly to the Lord

As soon as you realize that any of these things are at work in you, turn quickly to the Lord. Recognize that you have lost touch with the kingdom of God in you. You can know this has happened because the peace and joy are gone from your life. Direct your attention to the innermost part of your being where the streams of living water are. Then get out of your mind and emotions and center in on God’s presence in you, and you will find the peace and joy are still there.

Do you know the presence of God within you?

I think every one of us have had special moments where we have been so blessed by God’s presence. Go back to that memory, that special place, and you will be able to go right back into the kingdom of God that is in you, once again.

We are body, soul and spirit; if we allow the body to control us, we have a big problem. If we allow the soul to control us, we still have a big problem. The spiritual person looks to their spirit, which is the highest and deepest part of our being, to direct their life. (Ralph Nault:  http://www.thenewlife.us)

Question:  Can you recall times when you’ve been blessed by God’s presence in you?

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