Ralph Nault

Since 1978 we have been blessed tremendously by association with Ralph & Pauline Nault, (founders of The New Life, Inc.), longtime friends who have been there for us through many crises and celebrations. We thank God for them.

As well as loyal friend, Ralph has been our spiritual mentor who has encouraged us and challenged us to find God in a deeper way. By listening to Ralph’s teaching and following in his footsteps, we have learned to hear the voice of God for ourselves and be led by the Holy Spirit.

During 2015 we enjoyed the privilege of doing the editing, layout, and production of Nault’s book, There Is More. Showing by example that we can hear God’s voice and receive revelation from Him, this book offers numerous gems of truth for anyone yearning for more in their spiritual journey.

In the spring of 2016 we helped Nault self-publish another book, We Have the Victory: Wisdom from a Spiritual Father, a collection of email letters he wrote to people who want to be victorious on their spiritual journey.

Author of several books, traveling minister, and spiritual father to many, Ralph continues to follow the leading of the Lord into his 80s. We’d all do well to learn what he has learned and to follow the Spirit’s lead as he has. We think you’ll be blessed by his books, articles, blog and encouraging emails (