Professional Bio

DSCF0353Judith A. Doctor, MSW, RN, has more than 40 years experience with holistic growth, dreams, spiritual interventions, and medicine of the whole person—body, soul, and spirit. Co-founder of Kairos Ministries, Inc., Ms. Doctor currently leads seminars, workshops and retreats in the United States and Europe. She also offers personal mentoring, inner healing ministry, and dreams consultation.

Ms. Doctor received her MSW from Grand Valley State University in 2005, BS in Community Development from Central Michigan University in 1995, and nursing diploma from Hackley Hospital School of Nursing in 1960. In 1991 she did additional studies on holistic health care at Hochgrat Klinik (Germany). As hospitant, she gained specialized experience in therapeutic community, family milieu, emotional-bonding, and medicine of the whole person.

Ms. Doctor’s interest in dreams dates from the late ’70s when she discovered their value in her personal quest for spiritual growth, healing, and wholeness. She has read extensively the works of early dream theorists; dream/sleep researchers; contemporary dream authors; and mental health professionals who utilize dreamwork. Her studies include the biblical record, writings of the Early Church Fathers, historical evidence, and beliefs of Christian orthodoxy on dreams and interpretation practices.

Since 1991, she has addressed professional and lay audiences both in the United States and Europe on dreams and the art of dreamwork. She has taught a continuing education course on demystifying dreams for social work professionals at Grand Valley State University and a course on Christian dreamwork for Calvin Academy of Lifelong Learning.

Drawing upon her wealth of practical dream work experiences with clients, Ms. Doctor brings dreams from the mystical realm to the practical earthly level where we live—to help us grow, heal, resolve conflicts, and live meaningful lives. She is passionate about educating and motivating others to incorporate dreamwork as a spiritual practice in their lives.

Ms. Doctor’s professional experiences include nursing (hospice/palliative care); social work; Christian ministry; public speaking; writing; and non-profit administration. In addition to dreams, her areas of interest include psychoneuroimmunology; depth psychology; family-of-origin issues, trauma, abuse, complicated grief, deprivation neurosis; Christian spirituality, spiritual development and spiritual interventions.

Since 1980, she has addressed numerous groups in the United States, Western Europe, and Romania, including Parish nurses, National Association of Romanian Nurses, Ratiu Leukemia Foundation, Hochgrat Klinik, Bad Herrenalb Klinik, Institute for Christian Counseling & Therapy and, for the last 12 years, Radio Horeb audiences in Germany.

Recently Ms. Doctor published “I Forgive You: How Heart-Based Forgiveness Sets You Free.” She has coauthored two books on dreams from a Judeo-Christian perspective (Dream Books). In addition, she also has published in The Journal of Christian Healing and in Asociaţia De Nursing Din România Journal.