Language of the Heart

The heart communicates differently than our mind. In Psalms, the word “meditation” means to muse, murmur, ponder, imagine, mutter. It is not referring to intellectual reasoning.

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Thy sight (Ps 19:14).

My mouth will speak wisdom; and the meditation of my heart will be understanding (Ps 49:3).

The heart uses the language of pictures, images, metaphors, intuition, inner knowings, perception, imagination, and emotions, rather than analytical reason or logical ideas. The language of the heart is flow, imagination, dreams & visions, emotions & pondering.

To heal the heart, we must become familiar with its language and learn how to use it. When we pray, we need to tune into flowing thoughts, flowing pictures and visions, and emotions coming out of our heart, rather than our logical, reasoning thoughts.