Radio Horeb – Monthly Program

radio towerOn my monthly Radio Horeb program, transmitted live from Southern Germany, I inspire listeners that they too can trust God, go to Jesus Christ with their burdens, and receive His peace and comfort in their troubled hearts. The program is heard in several European countries via cable and satellite, and also over the Internet.

For more than fourteen years, I have continued doing this one-hour program live from my home in the USA via telephone connection to the studio in Germany. To listen to my transmission, go to ( and click the Web-Radio Start button.

You can hear my program usually on the first Sunday of the month (8am EST [GMT-5] in the USA); (14:00 [GMT+1] in Germany). Each program includes a teaching and ministry time, often followed by questions from the listening audience. I speak in English—my teaching and my answers to listeners’ questions are translated immediately (line by line) into German.

Radio Horeb Program Notes

My program notes from previous radio transmissions are available for download: Radio Horeb Program Notes. The notes include Scripture references I used, along with my understanding and experience with them.

How did this all begin?

While my husband and I were living in Germany during 2002, I was introduced to the head of Radio Horeb, Dr. Richard Kocher. He told me that the greatest need in the Catholic Church in Germany is for inner healing. He offered me a program slot once per month, focusing on inner healing through the Holy Spirit and spiritual growth.

Podcasts & CDs

If you would like a CD of any of my Radio Horeb programs, visit the web site (, and click on the CD-Dienst button.

Listen Live Via Internet

Transmitted from Southern Germany over Radio Horeb (which is affiliated with Radio Maria in Rome), the program directly reaches a large potential audience in several European countries via cable and satellite. It is also accessible live over the Internet.

To listen to my transmissions live, go to ( and click the “Web-Radio Start” button

Note: To find podcasts of previous programs, enter my name in the Suche box at:


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