Wake Up: We Are Under Seige

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Wake Up: We Are Under Seige

At Valley Forge, Washington was given a vision showing the destiny of our country. He was shown three great perils that would endanger our Republic. The first was the revolutionary war, the great battle for freedom and the birth of our nation. The second was the Civil War. In this battle for freedom, 600,000 martyrs sealed American’s greatness. The third  battle would be the most fearful, but in this greatest conflict the whole world united will not prevail against us. It will be fought on our soil, and according to Washington’s vision, it will require supernatural intervention to achieve victory.

We are currently in a battle just as great as the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. There are evil forces that want to destroy us by breaking our spirit, sucking the air out of us, and taking our breath of life away. Our breath of life has always been our freedom—the right to choose for ourselves and not be governed against our will.

We are in a battle against people who use their power and force to take our freedom and independent spirit from us. They are using their position and power to rob, kill, and destroy the fabric of our American Republic: trust & faith.

Their life-negating ideals have infiltrated and become rooted in our institutions, our structures, and some of our churches. Their ideas have influenced our attitudes, behavior and habits, scale of values, and ways of thinking.

While in grad school, I had to read Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals and write a paper on it. During my time at Grand Valley State University, I daily listened to accusations made against all that made our country great: 1) the power of the individual; 2) capitalism, and 3) our conservative values—our optimistic faith in the future, love of country and life, belief in our nation, our National character and dignity.

We must wake up and recognize what is happening all around us. We are not powerless! God has given us everything we need to defeat the evil forces waging war against us.

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