Judith’s Profile

Judith Doctor adventure Holy Spirit DreamsJudith Doctor, MSW, RN, is a seasoned spiritual adventurer who has traveled the terrain from Egypt to the promised land. Speaking with the voice of personal experience, she inspires and energizes her audiences as she shares the treasures she has found in her more than forty years of journeying with God. Her transparency gives her words an authenticity that reaches beyond the intellect to the deep heart.

Co-founder of Kairos Ministries, Inc., Judith skillfully integrates her professional knowledge with her spiritual gifts, calling and anointing to create a life-giving atmosphere. Her goal is to teach others the biblical truths, life-giving principles and practical skills she discovered through the crises of her life.

Her ministry is distinguished by deep compassion and empathy for those who are in pain and are spiritually hungry. As a healing ambassador, Judith has listened to countless stories of difficulties, struggles, and suffering people face in life. She has seen the power of God at work, bringing healing of the soul and spirit, light out of darkness, life out of death.

Judith is proficient at facilitating holistic growth experiences in a group setting. She creates a safe, loving atmosphere in which participants are able to speak about themselves in an honest and open way. Weaving a pattern of teaching principles, creative exercises and interactive learning experiences, she fosters opportunities for insight and healing.By working with a variety of media, personal symbols, dreams, and emotional processing, participants are enabled to go beyond the confines of their rational minds into a deeper part of their being and, hence, see their lives more clearly.

A bit about Judith

Transformed from a frightened young mother into a mature spiritual woman, Judith carries a confident authority to help others leave their grave clothes behind and embrace life more fully. She has a passionate desire for others to experience transforming encounters with a loving God.

Because God has done so much for me—meeting my needs in the deep, dark hours of despair over the illness and death of our son, the scars of our battle-worn marriage, and the troubles deep within my own soul—I owe Him my everything, my life. My desire is to help others find the new and living way of the Spirit, to become transformed at the very core of their being, fulfilling their destiny in God.

Married since 1959 to Gerald Doctor, Judith and her husband have two sons and daughters-in-law, and four grandchildren. Since 1978, they have been part of The New Life, Inc., an inter-denominational ministry with a wide-spread community of both Catholics and Protestants. They reside in Arcadia, Florida and belong to a home church fellowship.

Recently she published “I Forgive You: How Heart-Based Forgiveness Sets You Free.” She also has co-authored two books on dreams from a Judeo-Christian perspective. In addition, she has published in The Journal of Christian Healing, and in Asociaţia De Nursing Din România Journal.

Speaking Experiences

Judith has spoken to a variety of groups in her more than 35 years of ministry. Stepping through doors opened by the Lord, she has ministered to people from all walks of life in Western Europe, Romania, and the USA. Her journeys have taken her into hospitals, nursing schools, convents, clinics, orphanages, residential institutions, factories, Bible schools, retreat centers, and churches—Protestant and Catholic.

Since 1980, she has addressed numerous groups, including: Parish nurses; Asociaţia De Nursing Din România; Clinica Pro Vita; Ratiu Leukemia Foundation; Centru De Sprijin Familial; Hope Haven Portal Sperantei; Hochgrat Klinik; Bad Herrenalb Klinik; Adula Klinik; Förderkreis Association for Medicine of the Whole Person; Institute for Christian Counseling & Therapy; The New Life, Inc.; Women Aglow; Full Gospel Christian Businessmen.

For the past 15 years Judith has strengthened and encouraged listeners on her live monthly radio program from her home in the USA to audiences in Europe and elsewhere. Recently she taught a continuing education course on dreams for social workers at Grand Valley State University (2012) and a Christian dream work course for Calvin College’s Academy of Lifelong Learners (2013).

Topics & Themes

She enjoys addressing topics such as The Healing Power of Forgiveness; Healing Life’s Wounds, The Journey from Egypt to the Promise Land; The New and Living Way; The Tabernacle; Learning God’s Higher Ways; How the Holy Spirit Leads Us; Dreams: the Neglected Gift of God; The Art of Christian Dream Work. She also likes to speak to professionals who want to integrate spiritual interventions into their work. Please contact her to discuss specific needs for your event.

Suggested Venues

Judith is an accomplished speaker for many types of organizations and groups. Here are some suggested venues:

  • Women’s retreats, family conferences, men’s groups
  • Church programs & para-church ministries
  • Spiritual formation programs
  • Hospitals, health care & nursing
  • Schools & universities—guest lecture, continuing ed, courses for credit.
  • Social work—conferences & continuing ed courses
  • Service organizations
  • Recovery groups
  • Media events—radio, TV, talk shows

 What others are saying

  • Such insight into what we need to let go of. (Seminar participant, Zeeland, MI).
  • She offers a bridge for people who are no longer satisfied with old religious forms and want something more in God. (Seminar participant, Northbridge, MA)
  • I like it to hear your experiences. And, you make it in love, you don’t judge. Your words are healing for my hurt heart. (German radio listener)
  • Your words touch my heart very often. (German radio listener)
  • Thank you for your brilliant and honest lectures. (German radio listener)
  • Thank you so much for the transmission. It helped me a lot for this is a very hard period for me…One of my sons suicided himself this year.… I myself had never known love and the feeling to be precious to someone. The words you said today, “Abba Father I belong to you” made me feel somehow reassured even in my sorrow. (Radio listener)

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