Thieves Among Us!

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Thieves Among Us!

Today, we have thieves in the heart of our Republic — our White House, our House of Representatives, our Senate, and our Justice System. These robbers have lied to us, deceived us, ignored us, failed to listen to us, and made decisions about our lives without our knowledge or consent. They have betrayed our trust and are busy destroying the fabric of our society: basic trust.

We can no longer trust the people we’ve hired. We have learned that we must not take their words for reality, must see through their deceptions, and wake up and recognize the robbery taking place.

Jesus warned about robbers, killers, destroyers

They may be called Progressives, Socialists, Marxists or Communists, but I call them thieves. Jesus warned us about them when he said: “The thief comes only to steal, and kill, and destroy” (John 10:10). These radicals are stealing our freedoms. They are working to kill our economic potential, destroy our dignity & independence, and create a life-negating environment conducive to decline and decay, especially among our young people.

They want to destroy our independent spirit, optimistic nature, faith in the future, ourselves, and in God, and reduce us to parasites living off the life of the State.

Robbing our right to choose for our self

We are responsible by our Creator to regulate our own affairs. We have lost or forgotten a set of truths that the generations before us knew and fought for, that to be free, is to choose for ourselves, to determine our action freely.

The First Law of Life is the right to choose for our self, self-determination. It is the right of the individual over his or her own body and life, his or her bodily and psychological integrity (Paul Tournier, M.D., The Meaning Of Persons).

Our freedom of choice is being slowly taken from us. We are increasingly being deprived of our rights, of the moral decision as to how we should live our own life, and we are instead ruled, fed, clothed and educated as a social unit. The State policy soon will determine what we shall hear, be taught, eat or drink, and worship — unless we wake up!

There is no gift human beings will run faster from than the terrible gift of freedom (Erich Fromm).


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