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I call myself a spiritual adventurer, because I chose to learn how to be led by the Holy Spirit. As a result I have experienced many restorative, healing, transformative encounters that brought me into a new place in life.

My journey started in 1970, when a crisis thrust me into a spiritual quest: our child was diagnosed with leukemia. Nothing in life—not my church nor nursing—had prepared me for this. I simply lacked the inner resources to handle this.  I had one driving thought, if I could just find a living God then perhaps I can survive the death of my child.

Thankfully, I met someone who showed me the missing ingredient: faith in a God who cannot lie. As soon as faith entered my heart, a light turned on inside me—and it has never been extinguished. In the years since, I’ve learned how to use my faith and to rely on the Holy Spirit in this sometimes perilous adventure.

In 1986, friends asked me to teach them what I had learned. So my life took on greater meaning and purpose as I began to help others become more spiritually alive and whole. Since then, I have ministered to thousands of people in the USA and Europe—really throughout the world, because my European radio program seems to go everywhere these days.

Here on my website you’ll find numerous resources—articles, radio program notes, teaching notes, professional papers, audio recordings, my blog, and of course my books on dreams and forgiveness—that will help you move forward in your spiritual journey.

For more of my story, listen to my audio files http://judithdoctor.com/audio-files/

What About Dreams?

Simply stated, dreams are a gift from God—even nightmares. Dreams are trying to help us solve our problems; give us wise counsel, direction, and guidance; open us to new possibilities; and comfort us and heal our wounds.

In some way, my life is a testimony to the power of living one’s dreams. Without them, I would never have started my first small groups; I would not have discovered my gifts and talents; I would not have conducted retreats in Europe; I would not have a European radio program; I would not have been healed of destructive attitudes; I would not have gone to college and grad school, nor become a Christian counselor and mentor of others.

Most dreams convey their messages indirectly using pictures and images in a figurative and imaginative way—through symbolic language. This is the language Jesus employed to convey His spiritual truths. By using symbolic language, Jesus showed us that effective communication often requires skirting around the conscious mind to engage the heart directly.

We must learn how to open up our symbolic dream communications for their meaning to be revealed to us. This requires some effort on our part. The Hebrew words for interpretation suggest that a dream needs to be cracked open in order to understand its obscure message (Judg 7:15, Gen 40:8).

We can learn to crack open a dream and discover its hidden treasure if we are willing to learn how this language works. But in my experience, we can benefit from our dreams, just by learning a few simple non-interpretative strategies, like this one: what emotion did you feel in the dream? And where in life are you experiencing this emotion now?

Healing Power of Forgiveness

I recently re-watched the movie, The Shack. It is a powerful story showing the healing power of forgiveness upon a man’s life and his family. Unforgiveness unleashes the need to take revenge and retaliate by making someone pay for the pain they have caused you.

But many people are ignorant of the high cost of doing this. They do not understand the relationship of unforgiveness to their physical, emotional, and mental health.

Negative emotions like anger and resentment take a great toll on our bodies. Studies have demonstrated a strong relationship between hostility and heart disease as well as with other diseases like ulcers, gastritis, cancer, and colitis. They also show that chronically angry people die earlier than non-hostile people.

But this is not news. More than 2000 years ago, Jesus tried to make us aware of the dangers of unforgiveness. Notice that He said that if we don’t forgive others from our heart, we will open ourselves to torturers—the kingdom of darkness.

Modern research scientists have discovered the same truth. Resentment, anger, and rage affect our health, our mind and emotions, our social relationships, and our spiritual life.

In recent years, studies have found that forgiveness can help lead people to emotional and physical healing. People who forgive experience a noticeable decrease in anxiety, depression, hopelessness, inner emptiness, and an increase in self-esteem. They are more satisfied with their lives than people who do not forgive.

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